"Charming, Loving, Responsible, Dog Whisperer Extraordinaire!"

-Cynthia Margulis, Client

"My dogs cannot wait to go for Walks! They both get more excited to see Reservoir Doggies then they do me! Our regular walker definitely has a way with dogs and they respond to that! You can tell that she really enjoys dog walking and being around animals. Reservoir Doggies is very reliable and I know my pups are in good hands! I can be assured that my dogs are well taken care of!"

-Alexis Karpf, Client

reservoir doggies, est 2013

Established in 2013, Reservoir Doggies was founded out of love and compassion for the many animals that have found their home in the Silverlake and surrounding areas of Los Angeles. We provide trustworthy and high quality care for your furry children at an affordable price while offering a variety of services, not limited to dogs! We love ALL of your pet pals.

Healthy socialization, ongoing training and positive pack mentality are practiced fully with all of our clients. We are happy and confident in working with you and your pets with any ongoing issues. If dogs are not exposed to a variety of people, animals, places, weather, terrains, objects, sounds, they can develop fears of anything new, or of any change in their routine. Moving with a healthy pack and human leader on a regular basis helps our dogs build confidence and maintain sensory routine that is so important. Exercise releases stress and energy, and is needed every day for dogs to have a healthy life and to not drive their human parents crazy.

We are happy to work with any and all of your special pets! Any special/specific needs or administering of medications is no problem. We are experienced on various levels.

Reservoir Doggies services the following areas exclusively: Silverlake, Echo Park, Mt Washington, Highland Park and Los Feliz.

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Pricing & Services

  • 1 Hour Private Walk or Group Hike $25
  • 1/2 Hour Walk and/or Visit $15 (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.)
  • 15 Minute Visit $10 (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.)
  • Overnight Boarding $50-60: includes lots of socialization, exercise and love for up to 24 hours in a large home with private, gated yard near the Silverlake Reservoir.

*Please add $5 for each additional dog for Private Walk/Group Hike.